1862: Andrew F. Beal to Belinda Adelaide Williams

This letter was written by 21 year-old Andrew F. Beal, the son of Zina Milo Beal (1811-1882) and Charlotte Cleveland (1805-1894) of Embden, Somerset County, Maine. Andrew wrote the letter from Washington D. C. while serving as a private in the Maine 4th Light Artillery Battery. Company records state that Andrew died on 8 March 1863 at Harper’s Ferry. Though details are lacking, he probably died of disease.

Andrew wrote the letter to Belinda Adelaide (“Addie”) Williams (1844-1918), the daughter of John Williams (1784-1867) and Belinda Wells (1811-1885). Addie married James E. Morse in August 1866 and resided in Fairfield, Somerset County, Maine. They were divorced, however, in September 1882.

Addressed to Addie B. Williams, Embden Center, Maine

Washington D. C.
June 9, 1862

Dear Addie,

I received your letter last Saturday and was glad to hear from you. It found me well and I hope these few lines will find you the same. I was glad to hear that your Mother was better. I hope she will continue to be better. Addie, you must not work too hard and be careful and not get a cold. Keep your feet dry if possible (if you can).

Addie, you say you are not happy. You must make yourself happy and contented if you can. I think I did do urging _____ but you know why I enlisted, do you not. But here I am and I must stay at present. But I think I shall come home all right (again, I hope). But I hope you will be better contented ‘ere long. I think you will. I should like to see you — yes I should. I think I could make a proposal that would be satisfactory to you and I both.

I can’t think of much more to write this time. We have not had any orders to march yet. — Andrew F. Beal

I have sent my miniature to you in a letter last week. Give my love to all of the folks and keep a good share for yourself, won’t you?

Write soon. — Andrew F. Beal

Direct your letter to Washington D. C.

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