1806 Joseph Osborn to David Jewett

This letter was written by Joseph Osborn (1770-18xx) to his brother-in-law, David Jewett (1767-1819). Joseph was married to Hannah Jewett (1772-1831). In 1803, the Osborn’s lived in Paris, New York. By 1806, when this letter was written, the Osborn’s lived in Sangerfield, Oneida County, New York.

David Jewett and Hannah (Jewett) Osborn were the children of Jonathan Jewett (1739-1786) and Martha Belcher (1733-1828). David Jewett was married to Lucy Clarke (1774-1851) in 1807. Two brothers, Benjamin Jewett (1763-1836) and Henry Jewett (1772-1833) are mentioned in this letter. Also, a brother-in-law, Artemus Chapin (1768-1851), husband of Elizabeth Jewett (1768-1850), is mentioned.

1806 Letter

1806 Letter

Addressed to David Jewett, Jaffrey, [Cheshire County] New Hampshire

Sangerfield, New York
December 25, 1806

I can’t much, respected brother, _______ as it respects the money you sent me ____ ____ word and day before Mr. Frencher started for home I went out to _____ _____ the same day and got there about dark and he had took their money and gone. A receipt we inclosed. The money on the note concluded for me to take the note to Mr. Frencher in the morning and if they should change to be gone to leave the note there and Samuel send it down the first opportunity. When come there, they was gone. I left the note and when you receive the note you can cost the interest and if there is anything my due, you are welcome to it and if I have got more than my due, I will pay you the money & interest the first time I see you.

I concluded you had [paper creased] before now. Brother [Artemus] Chapin wrote to you since I wrote and I expected you would write as soon as you received it. Well I do not view it necessary to send two letters at once. You tell me you have wrote this gratis but I’d thank you to pay up the old score before you brag of gratis. But my dear brother, I want to see you exceedingly but I’d not know as I ever shall for I have not done one day’s work ___ day since the first to last September. I was taken with the bilious colic and my life was not expected but I _____ so that [paper creased] and then took a violent cold and threw me into a ______ fever but I think I am doing better than I was. My family is as well as usual excepting my wife is troubled with her right hand and ______ though I think the pain in her breast is not constant as it was the for part of the summer.

I have received some money of Henry and there is about thirty five dollars due and he has told me he would pay [paper creased] I need it you can yes how much behind I am being [paper creased] …disappointments and very much in debt but a living man has no cause to complain.

Our pay was light after I wrote to you and it is very dear. Our corn is very good. Pork has been sold at six dollars but it has fell to 5. Wheat is 7 shillings. and if I knew that flour would fetch a price in your country, I should fetch a load there this winter.

Brother Benjamin & wife is coming to see you this winter. Brother Chapin and wife intends to come if they can. I have not heard but that all our friends is well. So no more. I remain your hearty well-wishing brother, — Joseph Osborn

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