1839: Cyrus Dille to John Warden

Grave stone of Cyrus Dille

Grave stone of Cyrus Dille

This letter was written by Cyrus Dille (1796-1849), the son of Isaac Dille (1751-1827) and Sarah McCollum (1760-1809). Cyrus came in 1830 with his brothers Amos, Abraham, and Samuel from Richland County, Ohio, to Hardin County, Ohio, and purchased property where Mt. Victory now stands — five miles east of Ridgeway in Hale Township. Cyrus was married 1st to Elizabeth Post (1799-1825), 2nd, Mary Logan, and 3rd, Susannah Blair (1808-18xx) in 1828.

Dille wrote the letter to John W. Warden (1801-1842) of Knox County, Ohio. His wife’s name was Ellen. John was an lawyer in Mount Vernon and an early mayor of the village.

1839 Letter

1839 Letter

Addressed to Mr. John Warden, Esqr. of Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio

Camp on Wild Cat Creek, Hale Township, Hardin County, Ohio
June the 17th, 1839

To Mr. John Warden, Esqr.

When you & Mr. Lewis was at my residence in the first of May last, I told you I would buy the Wolf Survey of Land when it was put into market if I could and I think you said it would be for sale some time this summer, and in consequence of that information I have been making my calculation to be ready to buy whenever you may offer it for sale. And I now expect to be ready in a short time in consequence of a contract I lately made — certainly by the first of September next. I will be able to pay the full value of the survey in the ready money.

Now, Sir, I wish you to inform me if you will sell me the Wolf Survey at any time soon and what will be the price in cash in hand and will you convey by a general warrantee accompanied by the patent deed. And if you will sell me the survey soon, will you state the price that I must pay on or before the first of September next for the land.

And on the receipt of your letter, I want the privilege of saying myself whether I will accept of the bargain or not. And if I do accept of the proposition you make, I want the privilege to take possession of the land and girdle some timber as soon as possibly can. These requests I make to you by letter in consequence of the uncertainty of seeing you if I should go to Mount Vernon & iy is the very busiest kind of a time with me.

I am yours with respect, — Cyrus Dille

N.B. My dear sir. Please write to me immediately on your reading this letter what I may rely on concerning the whole matter concerning the land. — Cyrus Dille

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