1844: James Pleasant Gailey to Susannah (Meredith) Bowen

This letter was written by James Pleasant Gailey (1782-1865), the son of James Gailey (1750-Bef1810) and Margaret Graham (1750-1800). James (Jr.) was married to Nancy Bowen (1789-1870) in 1809, the daughter of Sterling Bowen (1755-1822) and Susannah Meredith (1761-1845) of Abbeville District, South Carolina.

James mentions his brother Andrew Gailey in the letter. Andrew was married to Nancy’s sister, Mary (“Polly”) Bowen (1795-Bef1846), and also resided in Habersham County, Georgia.

1846 Letter

1846 Letter

Addressed to Mrs. Susannah Bowen, Abbeville District, South Carolina — Mountain View P.O.

Habersham City, Georgia
7th November 1844

Dear Mother,

After due respects, we arrived safe home on Tuesday evening after leaving you all and found all well, thank God. Hoping these may find you all well. We long to hear from you all and particularly of your recovery to health again. All our friends here are well and people generally.

We heard of Pathal on the way a time or two as we came home. He and Lady is well.

I have been to look at the land I spoke of buying when I was there and have another offer I like better — some lower down where cotton does very well — and expect next week to close the contract. There is 24 acres, improvements on it with some buildings and good fencing round it, and I am offered any quantity I choose around the plantation at fifty cents per acre. The soil is productive and very good.

I have lately been at brother Andrews and left all well there. John C. and Nancy talks of being in to see you and take Christmas with you, and perhaps our son David will be with them. Nancy stood her journey home very well and has been out to preaching once since. We send our respects to all our brothers and sisters and all our connection and acquaintance, and wish you to write as soon as convenient how your health is and of the rest of the kinfolk generally, and when any of you expects to be to see us and all the particulars you think proper.

We have nothing more worth your attention, therefore close our epistle by subscribing ourselves your affectionate son & daughter, — James & Nancy W. Gailey

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