1835: Joseph Eversol to Jacob Eversol

This letter was written by Joseph Eversol (1789-1859), the son of Jacob Eversol, Sr. (1730-1806) and Mary ____ (1751-18xx) of Rockingham, Virginia. Joseph — a lifelong bachelor — wrote the letter from Livingston, Clark County, Illinois. He had previously resided in Vigo County, Indiana with his brother Samuel. Joseph wrote this letter to his brother, Jacob Eversol, Jr., who we learn resided in or near Pattonsburg, Virginia.

The town of Pattonsburg (near present day Buchanan) was established in 1788 along the James River.

1835 Letter

1835 Letter

Addressed to Mr. Jacob Eversol, Pattonsburg, Botetourt Co., Virginia

Livingston [Illinois]
April 18, 1835

My Brother,

I will give you to understand that I would be very glad to hear from you again and that we are all well here and trying to do well too and hope for you in like manner. I should also like to hear from our nephew Jacob Eversol since he has taken to him a role.

I am still selling a little tape for a living — good opening here for tape selling. Nothing new to tell you now but a wedding or two every week. I attend them all. I have to go to two next week up there in town — a widow and old bachelor, not I. I wish you would send out a drove of maiden ladies or widows without children. I should like to have two or three at our house.

I will close my parse by saying that you must write to me as soon as you can.

— Joseph Eversol

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