1823: E. Hall to Mehitable (Hall) Spencer

Grave of Mehitable Spencer

Grave of Mehitable (Hall) Spencer

The author of this letter signed her name as “E. Hall” and was undoubtedly a cousin of the recipient whose family relocated to Ohio from Somers, Tolland County, Connecticut.

She wrote the letter to Mehitable (Hall) Spencer (1797-1866), the daughter of Reuben Hall (1770-1823) and Mehitable Pease (1769-1854). Mehitable was the wife of Orrin Spencer (1796-1874), the son of Nathaniel Spencer (1774-1849) and Lydia Douglass (1774-1845). Mehitable and Orrin resided in West Claridon, Geauga County, Ohio. Mehitable’s brother, Reuben Hall, Jr. (1795-1867) is mentioned.

The first school in Chardon, Geauga County, Ohio may have been taught in the second courthouse (A.K.A. King Courthouse, built in 1813 by Samuel King) on Water Street by Miss Mehitable Hall, later Mrs. Orrin Spencer of Claridon.

1823 Letter

1823 Letter

Addressed to Mrs. Mehitable Spencer, Claridon, Ohio

Somers [Tolland County, Connecticut]
September 28th 1823

My very dear friend,

So long a time has elapsed since I have written to you perhaps you think, dear girl, you are forgotten by me but I can assure you you are not. Neither shall I forget you and your father’s family as long as I am permitted to live. I do not imagine there is many days pass away but what my thoughts are with thee. I have had many a sweet visit with you in my hours of sleep. I hear you have made choice of a companion for life. I trust you have made choice of one who is worthy of your affection. I wish you to give my respects to him as a cousin and as you are closely connected. While you live, may you realize that you must one day be separated by death. We are allowed earthly friends for a season but they are soon taken from us or we from them which shows us there is no perfect or lasting enjoyment in them. But if we seek a friend in Heaven which is Jesus Christ, our everlasting friend indeed, a friend in trouble, a friend in in health or sickness, [and] a friend in death. O. Mehitable, have you made choice of this friend? I hope you have. I hope you feel him to be your best friend.

I hope I shall yet have an opportunity of seeing you and Mr. Spencer at Somers and often think it is so ordered that you will with your companion once more visit Somers. I wish we may once more see each other while we live. I think if I could but visit you and my Uncle, Aunt, and the rest of my cousins, it would be the most agreeable visit I ever made.

Give my love to Reuben and his wife. Tell him I think he has passed the age of twenty-one and we have received no visit from him yet. But I think probable he has delayed his visit on purpose of bringing his wife with him. I hope that to be the reason. I should like to be acquainted with his wife as she has relation here. I trust I shall have an opportunity of becoming acquainted with her. I am intimate with her cousin Ann Kibbe who married in the month of May [1822] to Seth Pease, son of Mr. Samuel Pease.¹

I wish you to give my love to [your sisters] Rheuma and Ollie and must close my letter as I am this moment sent for to go to Enfield and take care of Aunt Lois as she is very sick. I have not wrote  half so much as I should be glad to but do write.

I must bid you adieu. — E. Hall

¹ Seth Pease was born 7 August 1797 in Somers, Connecticut. He died 28 September 1854 in Somers. He married Ann Kibbe (1800-18xx) on 13 May 1822. Ann was the daughter of Luke Kibbe. Seth was the son of Samuel Pease (1756-1842) and Sarah Root of Somers.

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