1795: Peleg Howland to Alsop & Hicks

Alsop & Hicks Advertisement

1793 Alsop & Hicks Advertisement

In the absence of more clues in the letter, I cannot confirm the identity of Peleg Howland — the author of this letter though he was clearly involved in the merchant marine business and obviously a Quaker. Capt. Levi Jenne of the Brig Polly is mentioned in Old Dartmouth Historical Sketch No 37.

Howland wrote the letter to Isaac Hicks (1767-1820) and John Alsop, Jr. who were Quaker merchants in New York City. These two gentleman were partners from 1791 to 1796 and ran advertisements in New York’s Daily Advertiser, giving their address at No. 58 Water Street, and offering the sale of molasses, coffee, cotton, tobacco, lamp oil, pork, flour, candles, bees wax, and women’s shoes.

1795 Letter

1795 Letter

Addressed to Allsop & Hicks, Merchants, New York

Philadelphia [Pennsylvania]
8 Month, 24th 1795

Respected Friends
Allsop & Hicks,

I have just received a letter from Bedford informing me that Cap. Levi Jenne of the Brig. Polly of ours was to sail from Dublin the 20th of 6 month with a freight for New York. If he should arrive then, I would take it as a favor if you would give him what assistance he should need and inform me as soon as he should arrive and direct thy letter to the care of Jacob Shoemaker, merchant in this city.

From thy friends, — Peleg Howland

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