1825: William Harris to Samuel Harris

Runaway Slave Ad (1827)

Runaway Slave Ad (1827)

This letter was written by William Harris (@1795-18xx) to his brother, Samuel Harris (@1795-18xx). We learn from the letter that William was employed in 1825 as the overseer of Dr. William Weatherbee’s plantation near Monrow, Quachita Parish, Louisiana. An advertisement offering a reward for a runaway slave named John belonging to Weatherbee was posted in the Natchez Gazette in 1827.

Nothing more could be learned concerning the Harris family though I did find Samuel Harris listed in the 1830 Census in Shenango Township, Beaver County, Pennsylvania. He was between 30 and 40 years of age at the time.

1825 Letter

1825 Letter

Addressed to Mr. Samuel Harris, Beaver County, State of Pennsylvania
[Shenango Township]

Parish of Ouachita, State of Louisiana
January 9th 1825

Dear Brother,

I again take a few leisure minutes to inform you that I am well and likewise my wife in good health. I am overseeing for Doctor William Weathersbee ¹ for which I receive generous wages but am sorry to say I think you ungenerous in not writing to me or otherwise you have not received my letters. So again request you to write to me as soon as possible and let me know how you and my sisters are and the particulars of your part.

I remain with great respect, your affectionate brother, — William Harris

N. B. Direct your letter to Monroe, Parish of Oachita

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