Saving history one letter at a time….

1163cbd6f3b86b68366ebd4724b3a726This site was created to stash old letters that were spared from obscurity so that descendants of those who wrote the letters may benefit in their historical or genealogical research. I do not wish to profit from these letters and it’s my intention to eventually donate any originals that I own to an appropriate county historical society/museum.

A significant number of these letters were transcribed for an acquaintance of mine who sells them at auction on e-bay. In exchange for the transcription — which he uses in advertising the letters — he has granted me permission to publish the letters on my Spared & Shared blogsites for the above-stated purpose.

If you find these letters useful in any way, I’d love to hear from you.

Additionally, you have any old letters or diaries that you would like to have transcribed and preserved, I would love to help you. Please see my website for more information.


Please see my website for more information.