1818: Thomas C. Wheeler to John Milton Wheeler

Signature of Thomas C. Wheeler

Signature of Thomas C. Wheeler

This letter was written by 17 year-old Thomas C. Wheeler (1800-18xx). According to the Northrup/Northrop Genealogy, Thomas married (1821) Polly Northrup [or Northrop] (1800-18xx), the daughter of William Northrup (b. 1769) and Harriet Sutherland (b. 1770). The couple had at least one child, Caroline Eunice Wheeler (1822-1881) in Dutchess County and were said to have gone “West” shortly thereafter. There is little to be found concerning Thomas C. Wheeler amongst on-line genealogy records.

Eunice Wheeler

Caroline Eunice Wheeler

Thomas wrote the letter to his cousin, John Milton Wheeler (1795-1861), the son of Anthony Wheeler (1771-1840) and Selina Hopkins (1774-1797). John M. Wheeler married Hannah Wilson Peck in August 1819.

If Thomas and John Wheeler were first cousins — as I suspect they were — it seems evident that their shared paternal grandfather would have been Noah Wheeler (1743-1823) of Dutchess County, New York. We learn from this 1818 letter that Thomas was teaching a select school in Livingston, Columbia County, New York, during the winter of 1817/18 and that he considered “home” to be Dutchess County.

1818 Letter

1818 Letter

Addressed to Mr. John M. Wheeler, Amenia, Dutchess County [New York]

Livingston [New York]
January the 27th 1818


As it is uncertain of my seeing you before spring, I therefore take this opportunity of writing to you to inform you that I am now in good health but last week for three days I was so unwell I did not teach school. My school will average upwards of 25. The scholars are backward and principally small and roguish. I should like to hear from you very much to know how matters are a going on. I have understood that you was a going to get married and several others. You must give me an invitation to your wedding if you are not married now. You are welcome to get married — all of you — but let her alone for I shall be home to take care of her next spring. You must give my love to her and do as well as you can and write and answer to this as quick as possible stating the truth of the business for I must know the particulars soon. I am in such a hurry I cannot stay to write anymore so you must give my love to all enquiring friends and excuse my mistakes for they are many.

I remain your friend, — Thomas C. Wheeler

P. S. Direct your letter to Clermont Post Office

5 responses to “1818: Thomas C. Wheeler to John Milton Wheeler

  • Griff

    Gary Bell left me the following message: I am the g-g-g-grandson of Polly Northrup and Thomas C. Wheeler. I have been looking for any information about this couple for many years. Can you tell me if you are related and where did you find this letter…I think this is so great. Thanks, Gary Bell fantasyland@earthlink.net

    To Gary and other Wheeler researchers: No, I am not related to the Wheelers. I am retired and devote most of my free time to transcribing old letters such as this one for the benefit of historians and family researchers. I do not own this letter (nor most of the others that appear on this blogsite). They were transcribed for an acquaintance who buys and sells stampless letters like this one on e-bay. In exchange for the transcription, he authorizes me to publish the letters on one of my Spared & Shared Blogsites. I’m glad you were able to peak into the past life of your ancestor, Gary. — Griff

  • Gary Bell

    If John Milton Hughes and Thomas C. Hughes were 1st cousins, then Noah Hughes (b 1743) should have been their grandfather. But I can’t find the father of Thomas C. Hughes (b 1800). I found Noah Hughes (b 1743) and he had I think 11 children but I couldn’t find any connection to my Thomas C. Hughes. If you have a chance, maybe you could help me or send me to someone who can. Thanks again, Gary Bell

  • Gary Bell

    Hi Griff I’m back for one last try. I haven’t been able to find anyone else interested in Thomas C Wheeler. But you mentioned that you get these letters from a friend who sells them on ebay. I know it’s a long shot, but would you ask him if he still has that letter. I would be interested in buying it. thanks Gary Bell fantasyland@earthlink.net

  • Jill Marie

    This is remarkable stuff. Thank you, Griff, whoever you are.

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