1852: Jesse P. Starkey to Rebecca Starkey

This letter was written by Jesse Starkey (1803-1865), the son of John Starkey (1774-1850) and Mary Russell (1780-1818). He was married to Mary (“Polly”) Price (1814-1894).

He wrote the letter to his sister-in-law, Rebecca Mary (Price) Starkey (1807-1864), the daughter of John and Margaret Price of Jackson County, Alabama. Rebecca married Elijah Starkey (1801-1847) on 24 April 1823 in Jackson County, Alabama, but Elijah drowned in the Tennessee River at the mouth of Flint Creek while on his way to Texas. In 1851, his widow, Rebecca Starkey, and six children lived at Marshall, Harrison County, Texas.

1852 Letter

1852 Letter

Addressed to Miss Rebecca Starkey, Texas, Harrison County, Marshal P. O.

Habanna, Jackson County [Alabama]
October the 11, 1852

Dear Sisters & Brother,

I take my pen in hand to inform you all that we are all in common health at this time though we have had some sickness this fall in our families though not very serious at this time. Hoping when these lines come to hand that they may find you all well and doing well. We have nothing of importance to write you. We have had abundance of rain this summer & fall, I think that has ma again. The health of this country. There has been several deaths in this country this year. James McFarland has lost his mother not long since. Deaths too [numerous] to mention. I drop the subject.

We received a letter from sister Betsey Baine the other day stating that she has been sick all summer and her family also. She stated that they have had the fever. We have a tolerable good crop this season. ___ cane Bev bought at $1 per barrel. Bacon are 12½ cents, beef are 4 cents, flour are 3 cents per pound. Pork is 5 cents pounds. The ___ ___ come to John Anderson from Nashville.

We received a letter from C. M. Hall that informed us of the death of Mother Price. We was sorry to hear of her death and long suffering but we hope she is gone to rest. Charles wrote that he was going to sue in the District Court for his part of Rachel & her child. We think that an expense that could be avoided by consent of the legatees. we are not willing to pay any costs in that case and are sorry for him to have to pay cost. We expect to manage the land without any expense and to the best advantage to all the heirs by making a public sale of it. If you are all willing to it, we want you to write to us if you are willing to our course or not. If you are, empower someone here to make your deeds and we will sell forthwith. James Price has an attorney here to make his.

Charles, you may want to know how the lawsuit is coming along. I can inform you that the suit was put off by the plaintiff though we would have had to put the trial off on the account of not having William Finley’s testimony. Also David Starkey. Them 2 are all that we like. We have sent for them last winter & can’t hear from nary one of them. I can’t tell you nothing more.

We are fixing to retake them by the time that court comes on. I wish you would find out some attorney that lives close to Finley and send his name to me. I sent the other one to Chambers and can’t hear from him.

I also sent David Starkey to Arkansas to attorney that lives 20 miles from. He  wrote that was the closest attorney that lives to him. We sent his interrogatory to him and can’t hear a word from him. We have wrote to Dave time after time and can’t get a letter to him. He wrote to Calvin that he can’t get no letters from me. I have wrote to him again to send me some justice of the peace’s name. I can’t say whether he will ever see the letter or note as all have failed.

Margaret Starkey received John B. Starkey’s letter the other day which informed us of his sickness. We are sorry to hear of it. Tell him that all of the family are well at this time. Nothing more at present. When this you receive, show to C. M. Hall and family.

Jess Starkey, Mary Starkey, Margarette Starkey, John Starkey, Sarah C. Starkey to Mrs. Rebecca Starkey

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