1847: John S. Carson to James Carson

John S. Carson

John S. Carson

This letter was written by John S. Carson (1786-1865). He was married to Sarah Bates (1790-1847) who we learn from this letter died on 30 August 1847. John and Sarah had several children, one of whom was named Nathan Franklin Carter (1813-1886). He is mentioned in this letter as “Franklin” — the husband of Amanda Rose Curtis (1826-1892). The death of their daughter, Martha A. Carson (1844-1847), occurred on 24 September 1847 in Marengo County, Alabama.

John Carson was born in 1786 in Abbeville Co., SC. His parents may have been Thomas Carson, Jr. and Jenny (or Jane) Carson. Thomas came to this country with his siblings from Newry, County Down, Ireland, arriving in June of 1773 at Charleston, SC. They then moved to Abbeville, SC, a magnet for Scots-Irish. There were 6 brothers and a sister, and all of the men of the family fought in the Revolution. They were given land in GA for military service, and by 1790 were in Wilkes County, GA. As with so many Southerners, they tended to move west looking for more and better land.

1847 Letter

1847 Letter

Addressed to James Carson, Abbeville, Court House, South Carolina [postmarked Demopolos, Alabama]

Marengo County, Alabama
October the 15th 1847

Dear brother and sister,

I now take my pen in hand to inform you of my misfortunes. I had the misfortune to lose my old lady. She departed this life on the 30th day of last August. She was at church on Sunday and returned home in the evening as well as common and was taken with something like the choleramobus [cholera morbus] and died the next night about the same time of night that she was taken. I believe she is in a better world that this.

Our country has been very sickly this year and is not much better yet. Amanda, Franklin’s wife, has been in bad health for the last four months and has chins [shingles?] at this time. They lost their oldest child. She was a fine hearty child aged two years and eight months. She died in three days after she was taken.

I shall hire out my negroes and rent my land if I can. I have had a notion to try to go round and see all of my relations next spring if I am able. I have had a tight spell myself and is just getting about again. I have but little to write at this time. If I am able to ride next spring, I think you may look for me in that country. I want you to write as soon as you get this. Turn over.

I believe that I have nothing more of importance at this time but remain your brother until death. — John Carson

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