1844: George Knox to Alvah C. Bush

This letter was written by Pennsylvania House of Representative George Knox (@1805-18xx) in 1844-5. Knox was a Democrat from Tioga County and held various other elected civil offices in his home county.

Knox wrote the letter to his constituent, Alvah C. Bush (1804-1880) of Tioga, Pennsylvania where he engaged in the lumbering and mercantile business. He was the son of Joseph Bush (1769-1851) and Betsey Strong (1780-1853).

1844 Letter

1844 Letter

Addressed to A. C. Bush, Esqr., Tioga, Tioga County, Pennsylvania

Harrisburg [Pennsylvania]
March 30th 1844

A. C. Bush, Esq.
Dear Sir,

Your favor of the 25th came duly to hand enclosing two petitions asking for an investigation in to the statement of the President of the Tioga N. Co. made to the legislature for the year 1843. Sir, I presented the petitions immediately to the House. They were referred to a joint committee who will no doubt report a bill authorizing such committee of investigation. I had a conversation with the Speaker of the House on the subject of the petitions. He was of the opinion that the House had not the power to appoint such committee without a joint resolution of both Houses passed for the purpose. Mr. [Daniel L.] Sherwood has asked for the same thing in the Senate.

Mr. Leslie — the agent of the Bond holders — was in the House when I presented the petitions. He appeared somewhat amazed and came immediately to my seat to know what was meant by the petitions. I told him that some of the stockholders and friends of the Tioga Railroad did not understand the statement made to the House and asked for an investigation. He appeared somewhat alarmed and said he should write Mr. J. R. Wilson to come to Harrisburg and explain the statement made. I think we can get a resolution passed if we can get it up in time. There is so much talking here and so little acting that there is very little business done. The Senate have passed a resolution to adjourn on the 18th April. We are now discussing the same thing in the House. I think the House will concur in the Senate resolution to adjourn on that day. If they do, it will take all the time to get the important public bills through that are on file. We have not passed any except the appropriation bill. The Revenue Bill, the Militia and the Bill to provide for the sale of the public works are not yet passed.

Respectfully your obedient servant, — Geo. Knox

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